Comparison Of Best N550 Netbook Models

Mon 05 December 2016

Netbooks are very popular in current laptop market, and you can find several brands, which are offering latest netbook models with continuous advancement in features and technology improvements. In these days, the models of netbooks which are currently available in the market are usually termed as n550 netbook computers laptop stand This is the most advance technology of netbooks, which comes with 1.6 single core or dual core processors. However different companies like Acer, Samsung, Dell and Hp are providing these models with various specifications. In following I will do a comparison of n550 netbook models, which are being offered by top brand.

Acer is a well know laptop manufacturing company in recent market, and it is offering different netbook models such as Acer Aspire One AO722, Acer Aspire One AOD257 and Acer Aspire One AOD255. These models are available with Dual Core processor and having 1 to 2 GB Ram. These models are usually cheaper than other brands. However, the models which are being offered by Dell are Dell inspiron mini 1012 and 1018. These models are a bit costly and offer low Ram memory as compare to Acer netbooks. These models are usually available in single core processors with 1.6 Ghz processing speed. HP is also offering similar specifications just like dell however the HP netbooks normally contain 2 GB memory of RAM. The prices of HP N550 netbook models are also very similar to dell mini 10. However, if you are looking for the best quality, then you can also consider Sony netbooks. Although these mini laptops are much costly as compare to others but this brand offer much better quality.

These all laptop models are available in N550 technology with Atom processor. You can find these netbooks with different operating systems but usually these are available with Windows 7 (starter). The price of these products varies from 200$ to 400 $ which depends on different factors such as specification, operating system and technology. If you want some cheap netbooks, then you can also consider refurbish netbooks. Refurbish netbooks are also brand new products but these netbooks don’t offer one-year warranty. The refurbish versions of mini laptops come with 90 days warranty and in low price as compare to original price. So if you think that you don’t need one-year warranty, then there is no harm in choosing a refurbish product. You can differentiate a refurbish and original product by its packing. Usually a refurbish product comes in simple brown packing with no or less color printing. However, the original product comes in branded boxes with colorful logos and patterns