1. Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

    We hear it all the time….” the average person needs around eight hours of sleep per night.”

    Well, for some people it is just not convenient, and for others (Like ME!)  it’s just not going to happen in this lifetime. NHS Heroes Pharmacy UK But who cares? What DOES matter, is how not getting enough sleep impacts our health (and how long we keep it).

    There’s a lot more to sleeping than just having a time set aside to rest up for tomorrow. While that’s part of the process, it’s not the end of it.

    So (I ask myself a lot) WHY do we need to sleep at all?

    By nature, our bodies can only handle so much physical endurance in one single day. While it is physically possible to push the limits from time to time, it just can’t be done indefinitely without experiencing some harmful side effects (like doing dumb things, pushing “delete” instead of “send on an article, for instance!)

    As we exert ourselves during the day, some processes in our bodies start lagging behind – pretty much like batteries wearing down – because energy is diverted elsewhere in the body as needed in the moment. When we sleep, these processes catch up on their backlog (so, I need to sleep for about a month now).

    Also, when we sleep we are giving our bodies time to heal from the physical abuse we heap on them. When we’re sleeping, we relieve pressure on body parts that aren’t feeling so well (provided you have a decent mattress, that it) like a broken rib, a terrible-bad, head ache caused by stress, sore eyes, you name it. With the pressure removed, the body can try to heal itself without interference or further damage.

    And finally, sleeping time is when your mind is sorting itself out (but first you have to get it to shut up).

    During the first sleeping cycle (most people sleep in cycles of roughly three hours each), most of it is spent in a deep sleep to get as much physical rest as possible.

    In the later cycles, however, more and more of the sleeping time is devoted to what scientists refer to as “rapid eye movement” (REM sleep) periods. It is believed that we dream during these periods; which explains why you usually wake from a dream in the morning, and seldom do so during the middle of the night…well, there are exceptions to everything, but still…

    Keep in mind that the amount of sleep you get is not the only thing that’s important. The quality of the sleep figures in there somewhere. It ‘s absolutely no use sleeping for eight hours per night if you are uncomfortable, or go to bed on a full stomach, or if you are surrounded by noise. (Can someone tell me how to eliminate my upstairs neighbors?)

    Additionally, light makes it difficult for most people to switch their minds off when trying to sleep. Light stimulates the production of chemicals in your brain that literally “wakes it up” – so the less light you have intruding into your bedroom, the better the quality of sleep you will enjoy.

    Regular exercise will help your body to keep up its temperature cycles (it does not stay perfectly constant as most people believe), and by forcing it higher during daytime, your body will be able to “shut off” better when you have to go to sleep.

    Is all this starting to sink in now and sound familiar?

    Eat healthy, sleep healthy, exercise healthy…Oh my. That’s all to living long, and living well. Who Knew?

  2. Playing Red Light Green Light

    Lady, ever heard of birth control?  As it happens, I have. And I have taken steps. My doctor and I closed shop on my single remaining fallopian tube and ovary six years ago during the birth of my surprise 4th child.  But the children kept coming, and while I love them all, having six children brings with it certain realities. The clear financial impact; ever tried paying for childcare for 6 kids?  Finding a way to work, even from home has been challenging to be sure.  And the sense of frustration is in no small part connected to my blood pressure numbers. I have been trying to return to work out of necessity since the triplets were three years old. Every time I formed a plan, or got close to seeing daylight, another child arrived. 6 kids are a full-time job and I have woken up many a morning feeling like I’m already in the hole.  And frustrated that I’m not accomplishing more.

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    But here’s the thing, That’s not what people see when they look at me in the check out line at the local grocery store. You wouldn’t ever naturally assume that my family had been created the way it has.  You look at me and you ask the birth control question in your head, because this is not Utah, or even the mid-west. It is Southern California and I look like I’ve lost my mind to most passers by. When you are surrounded by a bustling crowd of needy children everywhere you go you can just abandon stealth as an option.

    Additionally, I come from a history of large Mormon families, so having large families tends to look less unusual to me than to other people. Often times I hold onto my cousins and their families as talismans, hoping to feel a sense of connection through the social isolation that can be part of having a big family. But it plays against me at times as well, when I find myself thinking, well they’re doing it so I have no business complaining.

    And at times when I am struggling with my feelings about all this I feel the lash of guilt when I think of how many women struggle with infertility, as I did for a decade, knowing they would give anything to have my good fortune in children. And yet I still can’t get hold of the stress, the sense of claustrophobia, the idea that I will start out my day choosing what I will fail at for that day so that other things can get done. I have no business complaining about being given these people to share my life with. And yet…

    At 44 I remain in the deep trenches of parenting at a time in my life that I thought would be very different. The way in which my family came about has often left me feeling a kind of one step forward two steps back in my own life. Six kids has me so maxed out that I don’t even know what I believe in any more.  Some days I don’t know if I believe in anything except the next task, sippy cup or diaper change. I can’t string together a complete though on most days and for someone who requires as much time in their own head as I do, it can be maddening at times.

    I feel guilty for not making money to help support my family, which we need. And even though I have wanted my whole life to have a family and stay home with them, which seemed manageable at 4, now seems impossible with 6. I’d love the luxury of still feeling like staying at home and just being a mom was reasonable. But you see, the pay is awful. And in truth, part of me doesn’t want to field little children anymore. I was very ready for the next part of my life to start. The part where your family begins to operate a little more independently with kids who are older and more mobile in the world.

    Instead, I often feel like I’m forcing a stage of my life to remain open long past it’s natural closure point. It’s stressful and it’s given me real sympathy for the number of grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. I read that there are approximately 300,000 in California who are undertaking this role. (by the way, how it has not proportionally increased the homicide rate is beyond me.)

    The point of this post? I’m still shooting myself in the foot with my resistance and longing for the life I lost.  It’s been a tough week all around and the Golf Pro and I are giving each other breaks as best as we can, but not having lots of extended family around is making me wish I could go home. I guess I just needed to vent.  I want to go home. I want to complete a thought. I want more energy. I want to feel less guilt. I want to write and learn to photograph the world. I want to submit more gracefully to making a thousand peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and wiping crayon off the walls still. I want to be mentally accessed less by little people with no ability to regulate themselves. I want to be better at all this. But somehow, the show must go on…

  3. Comparison Of Best N550 Netbook Models

    Netbooks are very popular in current laptop market, and you can find several brands, which are offering latest netbook models with continuous advancement in features and technology improvements. In these days, the models of netbooks which are currently available in the market are usually termed as n550 netbook computers http://laptopstandboss.com. This is the most advance technology of netbooks, which comes with 1.6 single core or dual core processors. However different companies like Acer, Samsung, Dell and Hp are providing these models with various specifications. In following I will do a comparison of n550 netbook models, which are being offered by top brand.

    Acer is a well know laptop manufacturing company in recent market, and it is offering different netbook models such as Acer Aspire One AO722, Acer Aspire One AOD257 and Acer Aspire One AOD255. These models are available with Dual Core processor and having 1 to 2 GB Ram. These models are usually cheaper than other brands. However, the models which are being offered by Dell are Dell inspiron mini 1012 and 1018. These models are a bit costly and offer low Ram memory as compare to Acer netbooks. These models are usually available in single core processors with 1.6 Ghz processing speed. HP is also offering similar specifications just like dell however the HP netbooks normally contain 2 GB memory of RAM. The prices of HP N550 netbook models are also very similar to dell mini 10. However, if you are looking for the best quality, then you can also consider Sony netbooks. Although these mini laptops are much costly as compare to others but this brand offer much better quality.

    These all laptop models are available in N550 technology with Atom processor. You can find these netbooks with different operating systems but usually these are available with Windows 7 (starter). The price of these products varies from 200$ to 400 $ which depends on different factors such as specification, operating system and technology. If you want some cheap netbooks, then you can also consider refurbish netbooks. Refurbish netbooks are also brand new products but these netbooks don’t offer one-year warranty. The refurbish versions of mini laptops come with 90 days warranty and in low price as compare to original price. So if you think that you don’t need one-year warranty, then there is no harm in choosing a refurbish product. You can differentiate a refurbish and original product by its packing. Usually a refurbish product comes in simple brown packing with no or less color printing. However, the original product comes in branded boxes with colorful logos and patterns